Are Noise Cancelling Headphones Safe To Use with Children

This is a question that I have been asked many times over the years and the simple answer is that they are. Children pose no risks to using noise cancelling headphones as along as they keep the volume below (how many decibels).

Noise-canceling headphones have been designed to reduce background noise by producing an “anti-noise” sound wave that interferes with any background noise. The design of the headphones includes a microphone and electric circuitry that generates the opposing sound and unlike smartphones, does not emit low level radiation.

This type of headphones have been designed to help the user listen to music without the interference of background noise that disturbs their music. For children, we can use this technology to help reduce noise and help promote sleep where there is background noise. An example of this would be on an airplane where the sound of the engines tends to interfere with children trying to sleep.

By using a noise cancelling headphone, firstly children will not have turn the volume up so high and therefore not risk damaging their sensitive ears, but we can also use the technology to create a quieter environment for children which in turn will help to promote sleeping, especially in noisy situations.

Does Drinking Iced Water Help To Loose Weight?

Across the internet and on many dieting website’s there is a common myth that drinking iced water helps you to loose weight. Let’s get this point cleared up once and for all. Drinking Iced water does not help the body to loose weight in a measurable way. Whether you drink water at room temperature, or chilled will have no effect on how much weight you loose.

Technically It’s True

Okay yes technically it have been proven to help you loose weight, but the difference in calorie burn is marginal. The idea behind drinking iced water suggests that your bodies metabolic rate will increase as the body try’s to counteract the cold water and increase its internal temperature back to normal levels.

It’s a nice idea, but when you start to research and measure the levels of calorie burn, actually research shows that if you drink one litre of chilled water, the calorie burn effect is really only 20 calories.

You would do much better to swap out that can of Diet Coke that contains around 300 calories for a glass or water rather than worry about drinking chilled water.